Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unlucky Clothing Day (& Then Some), Babysitting And City Market

Thursday, May 20th - The Unlucky Clothing Day

Arrived at Starbucks in a coral undershirt, white sweater and skirt with matching colours and beige. Attempted to study for my criminology final that was that evening, but didn't get very far. Went to chat with the barista and on my way back to my seat, my skirt caught on a basket and ripped.(strike one.) So, I packed up earlier than usual and went home to change before work. After I had done so, I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich and succeeded in getting mustard on my shirt.(strike two.) Changed and made it out of the house and to work without any further mishaps.
Migraine hit me about halfway through my work hours....balanced an icepack on my head for a long time as I only had one Tylenol.

Entered my criminology exam with some trepidation. It consisted of three exams. I don't have a good or bad feeling about it which can be bad. Or good. ;) I went to the Student Center after to pick up something for Grandma. On my way out I decided to cut across (down) the hill rather than take the round about walk on the sidewalk. It was raining a bit, and so I slipped of my flip-flops and decided to skip down the hill. Took one skip and slipped landing right in the mud. (strike three.) Couldn't go home anymore so had to go to Starbucks wet and muddy.

Arriving at Stars, I found Paul, Segge, Ruth and Mark. I joined them and we talked, played games and had a smashing time in general. Sarah joined us after awhile. We were on an intense game of PIT, when Q called me in distress. She had been driving on the highway and her tire blew out. I was going to go to her aid and when the Rogers heard what had happened, they also wanted to help. So Paul, Segge, Ruth, Sarah and I piled into Paul's car and headed out to find her. After a bit of miscommunication we located her and the Highway Patrolman that had stopped to help her. Unfortunately we didn't happen to have a tire that fit her wheel so she came with us and we drove back to Stars and my car. Biding the Rogers adieu and lavishing them with thanks (which really y'all, thank you!) Q and I considered what to do. It was decided that we would go to my house first so that I could pick up overnight necessities and then to Joe's house for the night.

Friday, May 21st - Babysitting (but not really)

In the morning, Q and I took it slow, eating breakfast, playing with Pedie.
I then drove Q to here nannying job and stayed with her for a couple hours, playing/watching the babies and talking to the mom. Adorable kids. Funny mother. Left for work, which was uneventful other than it being hot outside.

After work I went to the Roger's for Bible study. I hadn't been in a while and was really missing the fellowship. Talked mainly with Mrs. Rogers and Anna as most everyone else was playing V-ball. Tried the vinegar/cayenne pepper/ water concoction that Mrs. Shiflett recommended (and so did Mrs. Rogers actually.)
Not sure it helped or not.
The question of the night was "if you had $4 million dollars to put towards a farm, what would there be?" I would carry out the plans we always wanted to do with the schoolhouse.

(completely off topic, but I randomly thought I would look to see if there was a picture of it online, and sure enough. some girl was taking a walk i guess and came across it. A bit creepy knowing anyone can take pictures of it and post them.... ;) but then who am I to complain? At least it is still boarded up really tightly. the sign on the door, is the sign my sister made after the robbery.)

Back to the Biblestudy.......

I had a migraine, and so went to lay down in one of the girl's rooms. Was sorry to miss what was said. The beginning was talking about things that I had actually been thinking a lot about lately.

Saturday, May 21st - City Market

My first Saturday where I knew that the next week I had absolutely no school! 

I met up with Paul and Segge at City Market downtown KC. I hadn't been yet and it was marvelous! It made me think of home. We feasted on a turkey leg, a half-slab of ribs and French fries, attacking the food with our fingers like savages. I bought some peanuts for Q and corn nuts for myself. Ruth, Sarah, Anna and Mary joined us later on. We stopped at a clothing store full of Indian clothing (not Native American...the other Indian) and I found a very nice summer dress.

Met up with Blair, Q and Josh for a very late dinner - 9pm to be exact. We were waiting for a visit from a friend who decided not to show. But we had fun anyways, bombarding Josh with cellphone and plan questions, trading looks when two others were absorbed in a conversation and eating very unhealthy food. 


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That was a good day Tess....:) fun times.