Monday, May 10, 2010

Bring on The Rain

Rainy days never get me down. In fact they make me incredibly happy.

Lovely morning at Starbucks, doing homework and practicing French with the manager.

Run through the rain, loving the feel of the wet.

Rather quirky mood in French class that did not go unnoticed by Madame Funaro. Did my best not too be too sarcastic. Luckily she found it humorous.......or so I think.

Lunch with Jen and Trevor.

He was so precious. Three weeks old now.

Work. The weather must have been acting on the kids as well, as they were unusually strange.

Dominoes with Ruth, Sarah and Rachel. Let my giddiness get the better of me. I fear I will never be a lady.

French and voice homework then home.

Tomorrow is going to be absolutely lovely.