Sunday, May 9, 2010

Les Parapluies, L'église et Un Café

Spent the night at Q's as we were enjoying cheese, bread and wine while watching a French musical.

Well, half-watching. We both fell asleep toward the beginning of it. It is rather interesting to watch to learn French and to practice listening. Otherwise it is mainly on the corny side.

Woke up in time to run home and freshen up and throw a load of laundry in. Then off to the Richardsons. 
Lovely and encouraging sermon on the fruit of the spirits with a particular focus on love. I always enjoy Sundays. Had a friend voice some of my thoughts about influencing those around us and witnessing to them. How if we could just reach one person for the lord that is equal to reaching many. We don't need to worry about the world or how they will be saved. That is the Lord's work and we are his instruments. He will bring it about. Naturally this doesn't mean we sit casually by on our derrieres  and do nothing. But we aren't the ones bringing anything about. We aren't the ones that change people or the world. 

Starbucks after church for some peaceful aloneness. Not so alone, as almost all of Overland Park seems to have had the same idea. But sitting in the corner in a brown,leather, comfy chair, sipping on iced chai, listening to the murmur of voices, texting a friend and enjoying the internet and a PG Wodehouse book, is utter bliss compared to the hectic week I just had.