Thursday, May 20, 2010

French, Face Painting & Fabulous Photographers

Yesterday was the first of the two sole finals I have yet to go this week. I was in such a state of complexity as I wasn't sure what I knew, what I would be able to pull out at the last minute and what on earth to expect. Comprehensive exams always do that to me. Plus the fact that I am a master mind at the art of procrastinating. It must be that adrenaline rush one feels when one realizes with a shock that their most important exam of the semester is less than an hour away and they suddenly realize that they can't remember the definition of schizophrenia. (don't ask me the definition of schizophrenia.) In the end I think I pulled off French rather well......with a lot of prayer from friends. It is wonderful to know there are people you can contact in the last minute who you know will be there for you.

Work was a blither. We had an end of the semester party, catering food from the esteemed and renown Mr. Goodcents and parents who brought sides. There was a Shrek bouncer (as in inflatable jumpy contraption) in the gymnasium and Alex, Joey and I accommodated the children with face painting. I had to use my hand as a palette as the tubes were mainly occupied by the others so my hand was a myriad of colours. Painted everything from a cat, to a cardinal to a softball. The best was when you could lather the child's entire face with paint.

After work, you will never guess where I went. Then again it really isn't that hard to guess. that's right. Starbucks. I was sitting comfy in a big leather chair, computer on my lap, London Soy Fog on the table, Ella Enchanted destined to be cracked open and having a conversation with Melissa (one of the baristas) when I got a text. Paul was having a meeting for photographers in the KC area featuring Jasmine Star as the guest speaker.....via skype. Abby was asking where I was as I had said I would attend. I held an inner debate with myself and Melissa reminded me that I would probably regret not going. And as we have established I am a procrastinator, I knew if I didn't go I wouldn't be studying anyway. PLUS there were several people there I hadn't seen or been able to talk to in awhile and I really wanted to do so. Gathering my belongings I battled the rain to my car and drove out to Christina Blincoe's residence. It was a cozy gathering of 44 people. we were seated in chairs and all over the floor. I enjoyed Jasmine's talk immensely. It reminded me of many things I have wanted to do in my life, provided clear, basic ideas to brand yourself in anything you do really and who knows? Maybe it will get me on a roll. After her talk, Lacey and I made an expedition to....yes.......Starbucks, where we chatted about what we wanted to do in life and whatnot. It was so nice to talk with her. On returning to Christina's I mingled with the up and coming professional photographers. Great connections and a lovely group of people overall. Left a bit past midnight.

On returning home, I was somewhat wide awake so popped in "Lost in Austen" which I had just picked up from the library. Do yourself a favor. Never watch it. A complete waste of precious minutes.