Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red Nail Polish

I was in a poetry mood. (which is a very rare thing and probably good so.)
This was written in 5 minutes or so, so when judging be gracious ;)

Red Nail Polish 

I painted them red
As they were pale.
I dipped the brush
And painted with care.
Feeling low, I was doing my best
To show the world I hadn't a woe,
Portraying this by painting my toes.

I walked that day
With a more confident air.
I held my head high,
And no one could tell
That I was hiding behind
My digits all painted red, looking fine.
Fooling myself that life was good.

I met with a friend
Who was honest with me.
She said to not worry
That Christ made me free.
And yet as I sat there, listening some,
All I could think of
Were my rouge tinted nails.

How easy I find
I like to hide
Behind diverse, little vanities of mine.
Be it red colored nails,
Shoes that give me a thrill
Or clothes that seem divine.
I am missing the point of hiding in HIM.

These things are minute
And utterly void
Without HIM by my side
And in my heart.
My life is made moot
When, not turning to HIM in my distress,
I reach for a bottle and color nails red.


Mary Rose said...

Very good Tessa! :) I like it!