Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Suspense Pending

Last night I returned home from my nightly rendezvous with Starbucks, to find a letter from UMKC. Heart pounding, I thought it could be the letter that my whole entire academic future is momentarily dependent on - did I make it in or not??? I didn't want to open it. But curiosity and the risk of what may be inside overcame my wanting to remain ignorant. Opening it slowly (to increase the suspense, of course), I carefully tore the flap from the envelope. Then it ripped and I thought, "who cares?" and tore it open. I pulled out the paper, saw the word "congratulations", heart jumped with elation and then  - I had won a scholarship award. Not even one I can be proud of as it was an automatic one. Granted you had to meet the requirements, but still. So I will have to go through that whole entire ordeal again when the real news comes in.