Monday, April 19, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon

It's been a while. but I shan't rehash the last two and a half years. You (whoever you are) must be content to my enlightening you on my days events starting day before yesterday.
Saturday, April 17th
Went to my Acting One class and practiced my monologue. Need to work on my goals and playable actions more. I also need to try to like Chloe, the part I am playing.
Q and I left class early to get some shopping at Cosco in. Lunched on samples. Delicious, organic, decaf coffee. Cliff bars. Beef jerky. Then we went to her apartment and had yogurt and talked, listened to music, practiced turns.
Left Q's place and went to her mum's for a hair appointment. A very cultural experience on Southwest Blvd. Enjoyed listening to them all chatter away in Spanish, trying to pick up what I could. Q's mum did a marvelous job on my hair. Finally received the cut I have been wanting. Felt beautiful all day and still feel rather fetching. Must be sure it doesn't go to my head (no pun intended), however I am just so pleased with it.
After the haircut, Q and I went to auditions for Gladstone Theater in The Park. We were an hour early, so we went to Starbucks to fill out the application and enjoy a beverage. Talked to the barista who was positively a hippie.
Auditions were a blast. I wasn't the best, but it was a fun experience. Read with a guy who wasn't shy.
Rushed Q home afterwards so she wouldn't be later to work than she was. It was so nice to spend the day with her. And from it all we went away with a couple secrets.
Went home, dressed for the evening, bought some lilies and went to Shawnee Mission Medical Center to see Jen, Jason and the Trevor, the newest addition to their family. I held him for five minutes. I love babies, but am still a bit unsure with newborns. They remind me of bobble heads. he was/is precious. Has Jason's dimples. Sat with them for a bit over an hour. Jen's dad and uncle came and chatted as well. You could tell that he was one proud grandfather.
At 8:30pm I left them and Osnat picked me up at the hospital entrance, leaving my vehicle there. We went to PNL. Up until then I had only been to the Drum Room at the President's Hotel. We went further down and further in that night. Starting off at an Irish pub, then to The Flying Saucer for a delicious meal of Brie, Gruyere and salami, bread and terrible mojitos. I switched to wine, as the bartender was incapable of improving the drinks. Then we meandered around a bit ending up at the Drum Room. Best drinks of the night. The live jazz was splendid, but a bit too deafening. Had guys try to pick us up. Left the Drum Room and explored some of the hotel. Osnat wouldn't let me go down the halls due to her having seen The Shining. We lounged on a capacious loveseat on the second floor, by a piano. Talked of spending the night (too much for our purses), taking a taxi, just sleeping on the loveseat. By now it was 2:30am. We decided to go get breakfast, I drove. We went to the well famed International House of Pancakes. It was rather crowded, mainly with teenagers (since they couldn't go out to bars) and drunk adults (who went to too many bars). Had a pleasant breakfast. Again guys tried to get us to join them. Returned home at around 4am.
Sunday, April 18th
Woke up around 8am feeling refreshed. Took my sweet time scrunching my hair and preparing for church. Walk out the door to my car, to realize that I locked my keys in my car. Called the Rogers, who thankfully had just driven onto the highway. Fifteen minutes later I was in the car with Ruth, Sarah, Caleb and Rachel. They thought it was quite funny. (I realized that what happened was that when I got home, I tossed my keys in my purse, then decided to leave the purse in the car, locking the car, slamming the door and thereby locked the keys in. My mother had just helped me do some spring cleaning and hadn't come across my spare. Which I thought odd.) We arrived at the Richardsons and had a lovely morning reading in Galatians.
Back at home, I googled "How to break into a 1991 Toyota Corolla." Referring to that, calling friends and asking Ron next door (I always seem to go to him when I lock my keys in the car), I attempted to break in. Unfortunately I didn't have the right tools for such an undertaking, and so we didn't get very far. It looked like I would have to call the locksmith or at least a towing company. I gave Arnold a call to see if my policy covered roadside assistance and he said he had a spare key. Go figure. So my aspiring career as a master car hijacker came to a sudden halt.
Starbucks Guy tried to get together with me. Said he needed advice. Something about being a lost sheep. Told him to find a new shepherd. ;)
Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes with Grandma and Arnold.
Slept till 8am. Straightened my hair. Went to French. Went to work. Salmon and mashed potatoes for dinner.